15 Years Ago Today: 9/11 and a Lesson for EHS professionals

Fifteen years ago the world changed. This weekend heroes will be remembered, vigils held, and tears shed.

After 9/11, the fires at the World Trade Center burned for 100 days. As EHS professionals, our work can take on the feel of firefighting. Running from one fire to the next. Adrenaline surges followed by another…day after day. The important work sacrificed to the immediate and urgent.

Because putting out fires never prevents the next one. Preventing the next takes hard work. It takes planning. It takes resources.

In many organizations resources for planning and prevention are siphoned to fight fires. And solving problems (fighting fires) always comes at the cost of taking advantage of the next opportunity. Solving problems effectively keeps us where we are…and never takes us to where we must go.

Fight fires (full-time) at your own risk. Know the trade-off (the future) you’re making.

Proud to be an American.


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