3 Reasons to get a CSP as a Military Safety Professional

There are many reasons to attain certifications in the military. Two commons ones are civilian career transition and future earning potential (Median salary is $109k (BCSP Salary Survey 2015)).

Here are 3 other reasons:

1. You can’t work harder: You are working as hard as you can…it may be time to do it differently. The path towards the CSP encourages the use of different tools, paradigms, and systems to solve tomorrow’s challenges.
2. Connect better: In the military, the fire dept and medical community provide fire/industrial health services. EHS can be disjointed and without a clear risk picture, faulty decisions are made. Understanding everyone’s role allows you to connect the risks for senior leadership.
3. Change the business: Best practices in EHS come from every level. We cannot fix tomorrow’s safety challenges with yesterday’s thinking. Certification, if you let it, will provide new ways of thinking.

What is your reason?

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