3 Ways to Feel Successful in EHS (On a Bad Day)

Whatever your level in EHS, from the junior technician to the senior EHS director, you want to do your best and feel successful at your craft. And when it works…you win.

What about when people are injured (or worse)?

How do you find success in those moments? Here are 3 thoughts.

1. Everyone in your organization will eventually die. It’s a fact. Your job becomes giving them extra days in-between now and then.

2. Your work increases the quality of those days. Because of you (and your team) more people will live with more fingers, less joint pain, and with vision in both eyes. Think that’s not important?

3. Take the long view. Too often we fool ourselves into thinking that EHS numbers should match fiscal quarters/years. Take a look at your 5- or 10- year impact. How are those numbers? If they are down…smile. If not, make some real changes now to revector the course.

Now go tell your team why they’re successful.


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