3 Ways to Make Someone’s Day TODAY

The phone never rang in my first safety office. Like for a week. Somewhere along that first week, I decided that when the phone rang, I was going to make that person’s day. But how? I had no idea. So I asked when it rang.

“Hi, this is Josh, how can I make your day?” And the caller laughed. He said I just had. I still answer the phone the same way.

Here are three ways to make another’s day. Because it matters. And they remember.

  1. Change your response to “How are you?” Break the social norm (boring) of saying “fine” or “good”. Really? How about “Stupendous and you?” or “This might be the best day I’ve ever had!” And look them in the eye.
  2. Write (with a pen and paper) a thank you note. It’s simple. Write their name, what you like about them/their work and then sign it.
  3. “How can I make your day?” It works. Still.

Which one will you begin today?

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