5 Topics All Safety Professionals Should Brush Up On Before the Interview

Are you interviewing for an EHS position with a company? Are you conducting an EHS interview and wonder what questions to ask to quickly ascertain competence?

Here are five topics, summarized from “The ASSE Guide to Hiring the Right Occupational Safety & Health Professional.”

1. Training: How would you design and deliver training? How would you measure the effectiveness?

2. Inspections and Audits: What would assess on a company worksite (industry specific)? How would you use the information to correct the issue?

3. Problem Solving: If you found a worker not using PPE correctly, how would you handle it? In our industry we have (fill in the blank hazard), what is your experience with best practices to solve this challenge?

4. Metrics: DART Rate, Incidence Rate from OSHA 300 log, EMR, etc.

5. Investigations: How do you find root cause(s)? What techniques do you use?

Much more, including which safety certifications employers are looking for, at the American Society of Safety Engineers link.


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