8 Things Your Mentor Doesn’t Tell You

A few things I wish I would have said (or heard) from mentor/mentee relationships in the past. Things I need to add in the present.


1. It’s going to be harder than you think (or I describe).

2. You have to change more than you expect (or can see right now).

3. It’s easy for a mentor to say to persist, to push through it.

4. You won’t be the same when you arrive at your goal.

5. You can’t keep all your options open (so decide).

6. They were just as lost as you, at many points along the journey.

7. There is no clear path. You only need to see one step ahead of you at any time.

8. The great story they told about perseverance? It sucked going through and took years to feel good about.

And if you have a mentor that does tell you these things…keep them. They’re giving you a very special gift.


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