A Better Interview Question

“What’s the advice you would give to your younger self?”

It’s a common interview question, meant to distill wisdom from the most successful and experienced achievers.

And it’s such a bad question.

It’s not like you can actually talk with your younger self. And your audience today may not be able to relate to either your present or younger self, making your advice at worst worthless and at the very least easily dismissible.

Here’s a better question.

“What’s the advice your older self would give the present you?”

Why is this question better? Because you can use the advice (if you listen). Because everyone has a future self and the more mature the audience the more they’re aware of their older version.

Try it. What would he or she say to you?

How would you take care of yourself?

How would your goals change?

How would you treat yourself?

Whom will you become?


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