A quote for every new safety professional (and a reminder for the rest)

From George Bernard Shaw, The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, (London, 1928), as quoted in Alain de Botton’s Status Anxiety.

“You must clear your mind of the fancy with which we all begin as children, that the institutions under which we live are natural, like the weather. They are not. Because they exist everywhere in our little world, we take for granted that they have always existed and must always exist. That is a dangerous mistake. They are in fact transient makeshifts. Changes that nobody ever believed possible take place in a few generations. Children nowadays believe that to spend nine years at school, to have old-age and widows’ pensions, votes for women and short-skirted ladies in Parliament is part of the order of nature and always was and ever will be; but their great-grandmothers would have said that anyone who told them that such things were coming was mad-and that anyone who wanted them to come was wicked.”

For the days you see injustice and begin to view it as natural and normal. It is not.

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