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And you’re here. There is a fire in your belly to make a difference. I feel it too. I want to help that fire burn bigger and brighter.

I’m Joshua Franklin, MBA, CSP, CET, ARM, CPCU and I’m a writer, speaker, educator, and EHS professional.
I’m on a mission to inspire, encourage, and connect EHS professionals. Because together we make the world a better place to live, to work, and to play.
I write and speak to EHS professionals who want to change the world. For those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and for those who know there must be a better way to connect with people than compliance, posters, and mandatory meetings.
Helping them feel inspired, motivated, informed, and ready to make a big impact in their organization.

What brings me here?

In my 14+ years as a safety professional, I’ve seen people tragically hurt when senior/middle management and EHS professionals didn’t connect. Management spoke in one language and Safety in another. You’ve seen this too.

Safety isn’t an add-on. It’s integral. But only when it’s connected. When you connect with your business. When you connect with your team members. When you connect with other EHS professionals.


Because we each have one single life to make a difference.

I met Major David “Klepto” Brodeur upon assignment to Alaska. He was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. We exchanged stories about our careers, families, and futures. He loved his family and loved flying in the Air Force. He died in Kabul, Afghanistan on 27 April, 2011. He was later buried at the USAF Academy. I later visited the memorial in Kabul where I held his dog tags and at the Academy where I sat in the grass near David’s headstone.

David was a better man than me. He was incredibly intelligent, charismatic, and full of character.

Now I awake with purpose. I fight without fear. I mentor more, listen more, and talk less, because the world needs more heroes like David Brodeur. I hug my family more. I smile at sunrises and sunsets.

Thank you, Klepto.

By inspiring, encouraging, and connecting EHS professionals, I hope to change the status quo and make our world a better place to live, to work, and to play.

My Biography

I am an active-duty Airman in the US Air Force, where I serve as a safety professional (1S0XX) at the Air Force Safety Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Air Force has 741 active-duty, guard and reserve Safety specialists in uniform. I’m proud to be a part of this truly amazing group of safety professionals.

I am passionate (with purpose) about service to the profession and currently sit on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Director. In addition, I had the honor of serving as a National Safety Council Delegate for the Young Professionals Division  from 2015-2017.

I entered the field of safety in 2004 and held various safety management roles at military bases in Nebraska, Portugal, England, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Qatar, and Alaska.

In these roles, I’ve learned how critical it is to connect what we do in EHS to what our organizations do.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via email or connect with me on Facebook.

Thank you

This blog is for the person (you) who is done settling for the status quo and ready to connect with more.

I’m glad you’re here!






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