Accepted: The Story of the Woman Accepted to Eight Ivy League Schools

Munira Khalif’s parents left Somalia to give her a better life.

Now a student at Harvard, Munira was initially accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

When asked what makes her work so hard, Munira shared her “why.”

Knowing what her parents had gone through (emigrating to the U.S.) to give her this opportunity was her first reason. Second, the opportunity in the U.S. to do something good. And she’s made good use of this opportunity. For her commitment to education activism, as a teenager Munira won the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education’s Youth Courage Award.

Think Munira is unique? In the same year, 2015, seven other Ivy applicants pulled off the same feat (all eight schools). These were very different students with diverse backgrounds, educational goals, and from various parts of the country. The one similarity? All were children of immigrant parents and, in many cases, English was their second or third language.

What if your parents, their parents, and every one of your ancestors did everything so you might have the life you do? To grow up with the freedom to choose your life’s path?

What if?


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