Advances in Safety are Heretical

From 1999 to 2013, the unintentional fall fatality rate, amongst adults 65 years and older, increased by 96%, while the number of deaths in the same population surged 152%. The actual number of deaths? Over 25,000 in 2013 alone (NSC Injury Facts 2016).

It’s a problem.

It’s also easy to ignore it. It’s simpler to work issues of federal compliance translating to reduced financial risk by way of lower insurance premiums.

Maybe it’s because, in the past, this demographic was no longer in the workplace?

That perspective is indeed history, as lifespans increase and careers span a decade or more past the traditional age of gold watches. Now this demographic works with us. And will represent an even larger percentage of the workforce in the future.

Here’s a team working on the issue, led by Dr. Jacob Sosnoff, at U of I. Link to lab’s webpage

They are choosing to solve a tough issue. They are heretical.

Here’s to the heretics that make the future possible.



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