Amazon Prime and Safety

It began in 2005. Amazon offered free expedited shipping for one low annual fee. It was a controversial idea at best. According to, “In its first year, we gave up many millions of dollars in shipping revenue, and there was no simple math to show that it would be worth it.”

Amazon Prime, now in its twelfth year, is a resounding success. While Amazon doesn’t release specific numbers for the membership, Morgan Stanley estimates 65 million users. Prime members also spend 4.6 times non-Prime members.

“No simple math.” Those words also sum up much of what we do in EHS. And while the National Safety Council publishes return on investment numbers of anywhere from $2-6 for every $1 spent on injury prevention, many investments in safety can feel like gambles on annual budgets.

Amazon showed that it valued its members and those members now spend 4.6 times non-members. What if our organizations showed they valued their employees? Not just their employees, but Derek, Jessica, Erin, and Jeremy? Those workers who also create incredible value for the organization.

What if valuing employees and team members was more than a talking point?

Could we “Amazon Prime” our organizations by rewarding and encouraging those who provide outsized value?


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