Are You a Marshmallow Eater?

Quick overview of the study.

Stanford researcher (W Mischel) puts a marshmallow in front of 653 preschool children. If they eat that one, that’s it. But if they wait 15 minutes they get two. Only around one-third make it the 15 minutes. The study became famous when a later follow-up showed the ones who waited 15 minutes achieved higher SAT scores, used less drugs, and had lower body mass indexes.

I wasn’t a part of the study. But would I have eaten the first marshmallow? Would you?

And what does this have to do with safety and health?

You might be a marshmallow eater if…

-If you take on additional assignments from your boss and give them to your already-taxed staff.

-If you check email at the expense of real work.

-If you fill your life with entertainment intake instead of value output.

-If you investigate an injury at work and conclude “You can’t fix stupid”.

You deserve more than instant gratification. We all do.


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