Are You Creating Problems?

We’d fixed it!

Safety professionals in my organization had struggled for years for a professional development path, a structured way to improve and succeed in their careers.

So we created one, a plan which included required courses, goals, timelines, and even credentialing. We built buy-in with stakeholders and fought to have it officially adopted.

Success, right?

Not quite. The plan we’d built was filled with funding shortages, training bottlenecks, access issues, communication asymmetries, and together these ran up against the 40% of the people who didn’t see a problem with the old system.

Welcome to what real success looks like.

You create problems when you create change. If the change was easy, it didn’t really need you (or you shot too low with your vision). If the change was accepted with unanimous applause, was it really the change your organization needed (or really a change at all)?

May your work be filled with successful problems.


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