Arguing with Yourself

“He who argues for his limitations gets to keep them.” – Richard Bach

Another report card. Throughout middle and high school, my grade in math was the lowest of an otherwise below-average scholastic record. My math scores hovered in the mid 70s, topped out in the low 80s when I paid attention, and danced a time or two with a letter resembling “F”, which didn’t stand for “fantastic.”

And I “knew” it. In fact, I repeated to everyone who asked that I was “no good” at math. I liked biology and history, but math was beyond my innate talent and comprehension.

I had a good argument.

So when I took a math college equivalency exam in the military and passed, I was shocked. I thought they’d gotten it wrong. So I studied and took a higher-level test. And passed again.

I’d lied to myself for nearly two decades. Over and over, I’d argued for my limitations.

Are you telling yourself the same lies? It’s amazing how convincing they are, isn’t it?

Argue less, believe more.


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