There’s a quote on the front of my desk.

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams…then they aren’t big enough!”-Grayson Marshall

Audacity takes courage. It takes belief. What’s the difference between audacity and normal? Normal steps from one task to another. Each step planned and each very believable. Audacious leaps from one rock to the next…sometimes not even seeing the next rock before jumping…but knowing that it’ll be there.

You’ve felt this. Think about your most recent promotion. Or the time you said yes to that new thing…a speech in front of 50 people or when you applied for that next job. You didn’t feel ready. You felt ill-prepared and for a few moments (or more) like a fake.

But you pushed through. That is audacity. That is the quality that will take you wherever your dreams lie. Over that horizon. And over that self-imposed limitation(s).

So when they laugh…maybe then you know. Then you know you’re on to something.

Be audacious.

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