If you woke up this morning 10 years older, what would it be like?

There’d probably be a couple of weird knee/shoulder pains.

Your significant other/children would have advanced in age…what would that be like?

Where did you wake up? What commute did you begin?

Did you kiss your family before taking off for the day?

What’s your checking/savings account look like?

If you’re going to work…does anyone say “Good Morning”?

Did you start out to make a positive difference in the lives of others…or simply to pay a few bills?

Now back to reality.

You’re now 10 years younger than a moment ago (and at your present age).

How can you make your future (see above) better?

What action can you take TODAY to make your morning 10 years from now the best morning of your life?

Write down two actions you can take.

And don’t let today slip by without taking action.

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