Before and After (is a Lie)

You’ve seen the photos.

The person wearing shorts and holding the newspaper. And 30-90 days later, a photo of the slim, toned and tanned “new” person.

“Before and After” photos sell products. They work (to sell products). If those shiny bottles and shakes (+ $4.95 S&H) worked as well as we want to believe, we’d have solved the obesity problem in the U.S.

We need less products and more self-discipline.

*Less data and more knowledge.

*Less shortcuts and more “longcuts” (Seth Godin).

*Less productivity apps and more focus on the important.

*Less drama and more doing.

*Less S&H and more “I am responsible”

Less and more, before and after, valueless and valuable.

Burn the shortcut. Have the courage to demand your best.

And delete that new app.



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