Best of ConnectingEHS 2017 (and a contest)

The top 10 posts as viewed, liked, and commented on (between the main website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.)

  1. I Waited Too Long
  2. Safety’s High Horse
  3. The plan to have every U.S. Air Force Safety professional earn their CSP
  4. Distraction Kills
  5. Have you tried this safety app?
  6. Questioning Our Career Field
  7. How Investments In Safety Could Get Your CEO Fired
  8. Do Not Miss The Opportunity To Have A Bad Boss
  9. The next great safety leaders aren’t going to be safety people
  10. Enough

Do you have a favorite from 2017?

Send me your favorite from 2017 (from this top 10 list or from the ConnectingEHS archives) and you’ll be entered in a drawing for  a copy of “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt“. This book is a must read for the professional who wants to make a difference.  Roosevelt’s persistence and sense of purpose inspired me in many ways throughout this book.

I’ll draw a name at random from emails sent to

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