Better Tomorrow

In Colin Powell’s memoir “It worked For Me”, the former Secretary of State and CJCS relays 13 rules.

Number one is “It ain’t as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.

It will be better tomorrow. This is not a Pollyannaish feeling, but an attitude that no matter how bad it is…tomorrow will be better.
Why? Because you’ll make it better. Because you’ll be better. By doing excellent work, by interacting with integrity, and with a servant’s heart, you’ll be better than before. Not better than other people…but better than you yesterday. You’re only competing with yourself.

So on those days when the sky is dark and you see little hope, remember.

Remember that the dark is temporary and tomorrow always comes.

And it’s better tomorrow.

Watch Colin Powell talk (2 min) about his 13 Rules here:

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