Beware Good Advice (even this advice)

By its very nature, good advice is given with the best intentions. And therein lies the fault.

Think of the moments in your life you wouldn’t trade for anything. Those adventures, discoveries, relationships, careers, accomplishments, and so on.

Could the path to those moments possibly come from good advice?

Who in their right mind would advise the following?

Sit in the front of the bus.

Jump on that exploding aircraft flare and throw it with your hands.

Obsess about writing six novels no one will read while you’re alive.

Co-found a militant anti-government group and serve 27 years in prison.

Advice seeks the safe path. The sure way through. The trough through the waves.

I’m glad Rosa Parks, John Levitow, Ernest Hemingway, and Nelson Mandela didn’t listen to good advice.


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