Big Rocks

You may have heard the analogy.

Take care of the big rocks first. It comes from a story where business students were presented a challenge to fit items into a tall glass jar. Items included several large stones, many medium stones, a small pile of sand, and a glass of water.  The students learned, through practice and demonstration, that when the large items were placed in first, everything else fit, from the smaller stones to the water. Any other way (sand first, small stones first) failed the test.

What are your big rocks? Are you fitting them in first? Or are you filling your time with small stones and sand, with the intent to shove the big ones in “somewhere”?

Time with family, your education, mentoring others, self-improvement, value-added work. These big rocks cannot wait until later. Do them first, followed by the small rocks.

It’ll fit, but only if you know what the big rocks are and design the day (life) accordingly.

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