Blind Spots

It never came easy. So you excelled at other things. And it became a blind spot.

You became an expert at productivity.
At communication.
At managing a politicized working environment.
At arriving early and staying late.
At your craft.

And now you’re good. Excellent in fact. There are awards and promotions to prove it.
But ignored blind spots don’t go away. They fester into the regret.
How does the 80-year old retiree become bitter and regretful?

Blind spots.

Colleagues above comrades.
Business health before physical health.
Tomorrow above today.
Bank balance before nutritional balance.
False leisure (highly scheduled vacations sold in the glossy brochure) above adventure (actually discovering a new place).
Keeping up with the Jones above staying present within this moment.

What is the antidote?

Push back on the blind spots.
Become a beginner again.
Be present now with those you love.
Procrastinate later.

Prepare to meet your 80-year old self.
And make them smile.

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