Book Recommendation: The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business

personalmbaRecommended by Seth Godin and Derek Sivers, this is a book I couldn’t wait to get to on my 2016 reading list. And it didn’t disappoint.

Josh Kaufman spends the first 35 pages countering the argument that an MBA is worth the time invested (it’s usually not) and suggests an alternative means of learning the “art of business”. In some ways he oversells the idea, so feel free to skip to page 36 if you wish.

Kaufman breaks down business into 11 categories and 248 standalone ideas. Each idea is discussed quickly in a page or two, with any connecting ideas in bold for further explanation.  His succinct explanations of subjects such as pricing methods and leverage merge well with less weighty ideas (and simpler sounding) like habits and goals.

One of the best books I’ve read in years, certainly in the top 20 I’ve ever read. The included reading list and 49 questions in the back of the book are themselves worth the cost of the book.

This book is for the EHS professional who needs to communicate to senior managers and do it in a way that’s more effective than in the past (don’t we all?).

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