Build Trust Quickly

You’re building a strong team. And next year, or next week, your team will change. How will you gain traction fast, continue to produce, and gain momentum?

As a former franchise representative for Hooters, Kat Cole opened a new restaurant every week in a new country, with a new team, and in a new language.

Her secret to building productive teams?

Build trust.

Cole’s secrets to building trust:

1. Be genuinely kind to people.

2. Be vulnerable.

In an interview with EntreLeadership, Cole expands on vulnerability as sharing the things you don’t know, your mistakes, and your background so your team knows your motivations. In short, if your team doesn’t know where you’re coming from, they’ll fill in the gaps with their own preconceived ideas about “why it is you do what you do.” Engage with vulnerability and they’ll very often share in return.

One of the great accelerators of trust is certainly vulnerability. I learned it when I was young and I see it play out in leadership today.” – Kat Cole

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