But It Only Took 5 Minutes

Yesterday, I spoke with a young professional about an annual report that included a line about an action that took only 5 minutes to complete. While the work had only taken 5 minutes, the result however impacted the entire unit and their risk assessment policies. He wondered if it really mattered.

Too often we think that real accomplishments (I.e. making a difference) have to begin with Gettysburg and end with Appomattox.

Leadership often happens in 5 minutes.

Making a difference and changing your corner of the world…can happen in the same amount of time. Think about the person who offered you a kind word, an encouraging moment, which someone who made you believe in yourself and in your abilities. How long did that take? In my experience, it happens in the “in-between” moments…and may even be forgotten by the person who took the time to make the difference. Yet it impacted the other person forever.

So take 5 minutes…and make a difference.

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