But what can you do?

Sometimes we fall into the trap of all or nothing.


-We either have time for that big project at work or neglect it entirely.

-We either go to the gym or skip exercise altogether.

-We make time for college classes and certifications or close our minds to new ideas.

-We give a 17-page report of hazards to a site manager, insisting all corrections are made within the week, inferring that if everything isn’t resolved they simply do not care about the workers, their families, nor about humanity in general and exist only to serve a tyrannical profit-making machine.

In these moments of insanity, where the world appears only black and white, ask yourself, “If I am currently unable to do this, what can I do instead?”

-If you can’t go to the gym, could you do 40 pushups on the floor instead?

-If you don’t have time for the big project, could you take 10 minutes to plan an outline of necessary milestones?

-If you can’t take a college course, could you listen to a 20 minute TED Talk on human behavior?

In those (daily) times where I see the world in black and white, I recall the story of the girl and the starfish. It goes like this;

Once there was a man walking along a beach, strewn with washed-up starfish. Further on, a girl was picking up the starfish and tossing them back into the water. As he passed, he chided her, saying, “What difference are you making…there are too many starfish here!” She looked back, hurling another into the waves, and replied, “It makes a difference to this one.”

What can you do?

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