Chained to the Porch

Hounds bark. All the time. Whether it’s a bloodhound searching for lost hikers or a coon hound on the trail of their favorite prey, hounds howl, bay, yip, and basically carry on.

And they don’t quit. So when the hunt is over, they are chained to the porch.

Why? Because they don’t retrieve, herd sheep or cattle, look cute on your lap, come when their name is called, or sit on command.

Most of us know people in the profession like this. They know how to bark. They’ll tell you what’s wrong. And tell her what’s wrong. They tell the manager. They point out errors to everyone. And say “no” to anyone that asks.

And then they too are “chained to the porch.”

Why? Because they don’t manage, provide solutions, lead teams, grow professionally, nor can they be trusted with wise council in meetings with senior leaders.

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