Choosing Fries and Getting Turnips

During an investigation, the best EHS pros implement controls after finding the cause(s). Whether simple or sophisticated, from root cause analysis to MORT and complex non-linear modeling, the cause is fundamental.

However, in our personal lives we too often forget decisions have effects.

We may find ourselves working in jobs we’ve lost passion for, even telling ourselves we have “no choice”, because we’ve sunk ourselves into debt, paying for an expansive lifestyle. Or chosen to financially support adult children, seemingly forgetting that our hardest years built our strongest character traits.

Yet we’re the first to connect the dots when one chooses not to wear a face shield and is sprayed with hydraulic fluid. No, they did not choose the fluid. No, they did not want to go to the emergency room. But a choice was made.

It’s like going in the drive-through, ordering fries, and getting turnips.

We might say…”I didn’t order these.”

Yes…yes we did.



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