My son collects fishing lures. He finds them on tree limbs, on docks, in the water, and also sees no issues with “finding” them in my tackle box and absconding a special one or two to his box.

He collects memories as well.

He remembers the time I dropped his Spiderman fishing pole in 20 feet of water. The time I lost his favorite lure. He also frequently recalls when he caught the biggest fish.

He doesn’t remember everything, though. He has seemingly no memory of the times I caught the biggest fish or when he lost my lures.

He chooses his collection.

I used to have a colleague like this. He went through his days collecting memories of when events didn’t go his way or when he’d been wronged or just unlucky. He’d replay these events for anyone who’d listen and justify his lack of progress with this (re)collection. His “tackle box” was filled with these memories.

We choose our collections, not by what happens to us, but by what we pick up and put in our tackle boxes.

What are you collecting?

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