Comfort Zones Kill

Comfort foods elicit nostalgic feelings. Foods like pie, potatoes, and macaroni and cheese are more than just their ingredients, they fill senses with warm memories.

Our comfort zones, in both our companies and in our personal lives, are the same. These reflect tradition (military uniform), social mores (sir/ma’am, salutes), and limitations (“we don’t do that here”).

In perhaps the best definition of comfort zones, James Altucher writes these zones aren’t simply habits of familiar travel, but are “bordered with walls covered by excuses.”

Comfort zones feel warm, safe, and secure just like macaroni and cheese.

But a steady diet of comfort leads to stagnation, risk adversity, and jeans that are two sizes too small.

Listen to your excuses. That internal voice telling you why not is really telling you where your walls are.

So thank that voice (it likes to be acknowledged).

And tear down the wall.


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