Covering the Record Tab

“I now wish to make the personal acknowledgement that you were right and I was wrong.” Lincoln in a letter to Grant

Remember the record tab on the edge of VHS tapes? When we wanted to preserve the movie or birthday party memory, we’d tear off the small plastic tab and protect the recording.

But VHS is so 30 years ago, right? Wrong.

We make decisions the same way today. We decide that this way is THE way, this action is the ONLY action, this idea is the BEST idea…and we tear off the record tab.

Life happens and we replay these tapes. Our habits, thoughts, and decisions play on repeat. And it works. For a while.

Then life changes.

But we can’t change our mind, can we? I mean, we pulled the tab off for a good reason, right?

Sometimes admitting we were wrong is harder than putting tape (or paper) over the record tab hole, but it is the first step to growth.

It’s OK to cover the record tab. (Still looking for a VHS rewinder for a few times in my life!)

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