Create More; Consume Less

I’m reading less this year in order to make space to create.

Last year I read 57 books. It became a way to procrastinate on the most important priorities. For example, I’d find ideas and actions to take buried in one book, but make no time to implement because I “had to” read the next book.

So less reading this year (30 books or less), and more creating, more writing, and more connecting.

In late January, many in the U.S. renew this obsession with consumption. The vicarious emotions transmitted from anonymous players running on a sports field fill water cooler conversations. It’s probably healthier than directing our children into sports we failed to perform well at until they succeed, but at what cost?

Are we choosing to actively create or passively consume?

What are you here for? (You get to choose.)

NOTE: Someone in the hallway is, at this moment, regaling on the virtues of the Steelers.

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