Curing the Greener Grass Syndrome

In 2018, due to military duty assignment time limitations, I’ll most likely make a career move. Here’s what I’m doing to offset the “greener grass syndrome.” For many EHS professionals with long careers and many job changes ahead of them, this may be something to keep in mind.

It influences change in careers, relationships, houses, cars, and even barbecues. The other side of the fence is simply greener.

Many military retirees, having sworn off the uniform and deployments forever, miss many elements of the job. Their civilian careers are missing something. It wasn’t greener.

Having switched careers, houses, cars, and barbecues, I’ve also felt the disappointment of seeking new grass. The real reason I was disappointed? I took my same barbecuing skills with me each time.

So I’m writing a letter of resignation (something we no longer do in the military…it’s actually now just a mouse click in a database) and NOT delivering it.

Recommended by Todd Henry of The Accidental Creative, the letter is an exercise to separate the green from greener. After writing the resignation, Todd suggests asking yourself five questions (abbreviated here):

  • How much of what’s in this letter could I change if I really wanted to?
  • Am I looking at my job (or barbecue) to provide something it cannot ultimately give me?
  • How much of this are old wounds I’m still carrying?
  • How much of this exists in other workplaces as well?
  • What patterns do I see here?

So I’m writing the letter to clarify my reasons and become more mindful of my motivation.

How about you? How do you offset the greener grass syndrome?


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