Day One

When did you decide?

There’s a story told by Bob Beaudine, author of “The Power of Who”, about decisions.

Mike Singletary, upon arriving on the Baylor University campus, went directly up to the defensive coach and asked him to write down everything he’d need to do to become the best defensive player in the university’s history. The coach laughed, but when he saw Mike was serious, he spent a couple of days working the list. (Link to the summarized list.)

After Mike’s football career, where he’d become an all-conference linebacker, all-American, NFL Pro-Bowl (10x), and become inducted into the Hall of Fame, he gave a talk to Baylor’s basketball team. The coach, Scott Drew, asked Mike when he’d decided to do all that.

Mike replied, “Day one!”

That’s why he’d asked for the list. He’d made the decision.

Sometimes we find it easier to not decide. We hedge our bets, pull up the rudder to “keep our options open”, choose not to decide on one course of action and instead “see what happens”.

What if today is your day one? Would you dare to decide and ask for the list?

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