Distraction Kills

Nearly every EHS professional understands the danger of distraction. From texting while driving to videos like “The Invisible Gorilla”, the threat to worker safety and health, posed by either a lack of focus or diverted focus, challenges even the best of safety cultures.

Distraction simply kills. And it doesn’t stop with a corporate cell phone policy.

If the danger of distraction lies in the lack of focus on the important…how about you?

Where in your own life do you text when you should be driving?

Do you spend more time on the phone when your kids are in the same room?

Do you turn on the TV, effectively silencing conversation, and call it “family time”?

Do you work on “one more thing”, when the most important thing is not at work?

Do you distract from a job you no longer find intriguing with an annual two-week vacation to an exotic locale?

Do you TLDR the important only to laugh at the meme?

Distraction kills. It kills time, opportunity, relationships, careers, and life’s moments.

Where will you choose to focus this week?

“When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.” – Viktor Frankl


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