Do Not Make Lemonade, Make Charcoal Briquettes

Workers used 100 feet of lumber to craft the interior of the Model-T. But it was the unused ends of the wood that drove Henry Ford to find a use for scrap kindling.

Ford hired Thomas Edison to design a factory to intake the Model-T leftovers and output charcoal briquettes. As no market existed for the charcoal, they were sold at Ford dealerships as a way to cook after “motorized picnicking.” A new technology and industry emerged. Today the company is called Kingsford Products.

Lately I’ve felt frustration too. I’ve had a goal for two years that, in my perspective, is gaining little ground. I’m surrounded by kindling and not even making Model-Ts. The platitude of making lemonade from lemons fails in this case.

So I’m picking up the kindling and making briquettes by finding another way to use the resource.

If you find yourself with lemons, don’t just smash them and pour sugar on top.

Burn them, grind them up, press them back together, and build something new.


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