Do Not Miss The Opportunity To Have A Bad Boss

We love good supervisors. We‘re appreciated and supported. Our work is valued.

But I’ve learned more from the bad ones. The ones who were absent, seemingly selfish, chemically imbalanced, or simply neurotic.

I learned to do the opposite.

Because of bad examples now I:

Greet everyone, from the janitor to the director, with the same smile and affection.

Dress well, combat uniform or dress blues.

Refuse to let age or rank adhere a spare tire to my mid-section.

Smile more.

Always give feedback, both verbal and written.

Handwrite thank you notes.

Share what I’ve learned.

Let people know how much they matter.

Say “thank you” and look them in the eye.

Have a bad boss? Good. And I mean that.

Do not waste the opportunity.

(And don’t post this in your office and think they’ll “get it”. They won’t.)

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