Do You Buy Safety?

“We don’t buy what the product is, we buy what the product does.” – Zig Ziglar

We don’t buy books. What we really purchase is entertainment, inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge.

We don’t buy flowers. We buy smiles, hugs, the special feeling, and to remind others we are thinking about them.

We also don’t buy safety. Not the inspection, the investigation, the program management…none of it.

What do we really buy?

The freedom from worry,

The feeling that comes from having another perspective,

The much better chance our workers go home in one piece,

A workplace where people feel welcome and valued,

The feeling that comes with lower risk,

A better chance of steady work in the future,

The smiles from a family when Mom or Dad comes home at night,

The increased probability of stable company operations.

And much, much more.

Because no one really wants a book or a safety inspection.

Why do you buy safety?

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