Do you know your team? Really?

When I was 17, my dream was to walk across a continent to “find myself”. Who was I? Who was I becoming?

Various paths through life test our mettle…military training, job moves, travel for work (deployments), marriage, children, etc. And we learn about ourselves.

How about your team? How do you learn more about the unique individuals you work with each day toward a common goal/mission? One way I find to begin a conversation on the subject is for each member to take a Myers-Briggs style test.  The results are instantly displayed (four letters), along with a couple of paragraphs describing the common characteristics of the type. It’s a wonderful way to learn and grow!

Suggestion-take the test first and then send it out to a few teammates (takes 2 minutes to complete and it’s free). Share your type and ask for theirs in return. Talk about the results together. I promise you’ll learn something new and grow as a team.

And I’m an INTJ. Feel free to let me know what your results are and what you learn about your team!

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2 thoughts on “Do you know your team? Really?

  1. I never would have predicted you for an introvert, but I’m sure you get that a lot. I said the same thing about my mom, but then I realized: she’s a BRAVE introvert. She still needs alone time, but is willing to put her need to be alone aside many times. Contrarily, I guess I’m a brave extrovert. I don’t like doing things alone, but I deal with it when I have to, because i often recognize that the things I need to get done won’t get done if I wait for others to join me.

    • Zechariah…I do get that a lot! The difference for me is where I refuel and recharge…and that’s when I’m alone. Solitude is essential to that characteristic. And then when I’m recharged, I use all of that energy with and around others.

      Thanks for posting and being brave!