Do You Need Me In Your Meeting?

It’s a new week and your schedule is filled with meetings. The experts are invited, along with the process owners and those responsible to document the communication.

But you might be missing the most important person.


I’m ignorant- I’m new to this industry and especially this process, so I’ll ask a lot of questions, ask you to spell out those acronyms, and make the group use sentences a 7-year old would understand.

I’m a complainer-I’ve never bought in to this service or product. I won’t bring a solution, but that’s why you get your paycheck. Your idea is too complicated, too expensive, and only works in a perfect world. I’ll make the group broaden their target demographic and look at this from another perspective.

Do you have me in your meeting this week? If it’s important, you’d better find me.

(Don’t know where to look? I’m either new to your organization or the one you’re hoping retires soon. You pass me in the hallway and rarely make eye contact. If I’m new, simply encourage me to speak up. If I’ve been here a while, show me you value my contrary opinion.)

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