Do You Read Your Mean Tweets?

From a skit on late night TV where celebrities read unfavorable tweets about themselves, the YouTube videos have tens of millions of views.

What about you? Do you read your “Mean Tweets”?

I’ll share some of mine.

“Disconnected” (that one stung)

He’s slow-rolling the process” (written to a 2-star general)

Robotic” (not sure if bad or good…taken as bad)

Arrogant” (ouch)

Expects too much” (Hmmm)

In Safety, you will be criticized. Actually whenever you step out, change, lead, differ from convention, show up (or don’t)…criticism will find you.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

-You can’t please everyone with any decision, so make the one you feel is right.

-I’d rather be critiqued for something I did, than what I didn’t do.

-Most of the time people don’t intend to be mean.

-Listen to criticism if you were unprepared or brought less than 100%.

-If you listen too much and adjust accordingly…you will become average. Fight this tendency.

-If all else fails, reread Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena”.


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