Doing it all

I spoke with a young noncommissioned officer this week about his career. He’s served in the military 12 years and has a wonderful family at home.

But he was stuck. He hadn’t yet finished an associate’s degree, knew how important it was for the next promotion, and yet struggled with balancing work and family obligations.

He wanted to know how to do it all.

I could see the frustration in his eyes. I relayed to him that the “how” wasn’t important, it’s the why. He knew he should pursue the education, but this knowledge hadn’t yet translated into emotions and action. His hadn’t yet tied his present actions with his future desired state (that of providing for his family long after the military). And his five were telling him it was OK.

And you cannot do it all. You must pick one thing, grab onto it, and pursue it until it’s done. Just like a lion will go hungry if, overwhelmed by the size of the herd of gazelle, they chase multiple antelope, a person with too many goals will quickly tire (and with limited success).

What’s your why and how does it intersect with the one thing?


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