Don’t Believe It

“I can’t do this.”

“I don’t belong here.”

“I’m not meant for this.”

“I stress when this happens.”

The thoughts in your head aren’t true. They aren’t the “real” you, your inner voice, your heart, a sign, nor are they a signal from a past life. Thoughts are just thoughts.

Until you believe them. Until you pick them up and wrap your story in them.

Want to change a thought? Simply add a word.

“I can’t do this, HOWEVER soon I’ll be able to.”

“I don’t belong here, BUT now I do.”

“I’m not meant for this, UNTIL now.”

“I stress when this happens, BUT I can control my reaction and work through it.”

Pick your thought. Choose to change it. Or let it flow by.

Current thoughts not working for you? Give yourself the freedom to change your mind.


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