Don’t Feel Like It?

Maybe it was the internet meme, you know the fitness one with the guy/girl with the six-pack and spandex? When you saw it, you felt a surge of motivation and it got you to the gym.

But the next day you didn’t feel like it so you didn’t go.

It’s a lie. That part of your mind that says you must “feel like it” before you do any activity. You must feel like it before getting out of bed, before working out, before writing, reading, attending class, or showing up.

Why? Because our values are not dependent on feelings.

If we don’t feel like it, must we be excellent? Must we have integrity? Service?

So if you value a healthy body, scholarship, and a mission and life done well, don’t wait until you feel like it.

Wake up. Do it. Maybe you feel like it, maybe not.

But it will be done.

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