Don’t Get Your Graduate Degree in Safety (If You Want to Be Better)

I struggled to understand. I was in the middle of a 5-day course on trenching and shoring, taught by the guy that literally wrote the book on the subject. And he’d lost the audience.

He knew so much about soils, their components, and stability factors. It was incredible.

But he couldn’t translate it to the people who’d use it.

It occurs in every discipline. Finance, computer and mechanical engineering, aerospace sciences, physics…and safety.
We get so good and go so deep… we lose our audience.

So I changed my degree plan to business and marketing. In the hope that I’d force myself to learn to speak in a manner that connected. Not just to people fascinated by risk and safety, but by those we need to reach.

Derek Sivers writes that when we learn skills like speaking, writing, psychology, and conversation, we in turn multiply the results of our efforts.

Multiply. Connect. Astonish your audience.

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