Driving In The Rearview Mirror

Measuring results, in EHS and in life, is popular and often the default. But the results metrics often come far too late to make any necessary course corrections. Is there a better way?

Leading, lagging, mandatory, voluntary, behavior-based…EHS is filled with them. Lost workdays, injury frequency and severity, incident costing, both direct and indirect costs, citations, accepted risks, open hazards, cost of hazard controls, etc., ad infinitum.

How about in your own life?

In “The 4 Disciplines of Execution”, the authors liken a results-focused mindset to driving while looking in the rearview mirror. They suggest instead that the individual/team “put a disproportionate focus on outcomes or behaviors that lead to results.”

What does this look like??

If you want to learn more, track the time you read, write, and listen.

If you want better relationships, track the time you spend in relationships.

If you want a better career, track the time you spend working on yourself.

What activities and behaviors drive the results you want? Are you tracking these in your own life?


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