During an extended airport layover yesterday, a man, appearing to be in his 60s, sat in a gate seat next to me. With weather and maintenance challenges, flights were delayed and gate changes were frequent. The man made casual mention of “all the people flying to Sarasota.” As I was flying elsewhere, we spoke about our destinations and, as he was wearing a suit, I asked about his work in Florida.

And the conversation changed.

He smiled and remarked, “I’m 84 years old and haven’t worked since I retired at 58.”

My jaw dropped. By the way he walked, his demeanor, and posture, I’d have placed him in his early sixties!

Having only two minutes before my flight boarded, I asked, “What’s your secret?”

He grinned and advised, “Know when you have enough. Then quit. Everyone has a number. Don’t work a day past that number. And smile every day.”


Note: Some of these posts have no relation to EHS, but (I hope) serve a bigger purpose. The purpose of connecting us not only with our careers, but also with our lives.


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