Every Boss Is Terrible

And not just your boss.

-Your job. They won’t let you do anything! Everything you try you are told “No”.

-Those people you supervise. Why is this generation so irresponsible, distracted, etc.?

-Your significant other. Do they even listen (or care)?

All terrible.

Yet each have unique strengths. And you can focus on the “terrible” or the strengths.

You can choose to support the strengths. To make the strong even stronger.

If your boss has an ability to connect with people, support this by introducing your own network. If they are instead good at building systems, assist them by freely sharing your knowledge.

And they’ll get even better.

This works for your job (focus on what you can do), the people you supervise (what do others see in them, how do they get results), and your relationships (because this matters even more).

Focus on strength. Put energy into helping them leverage those talents.

And together you will soar.


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