Everything You Want Didn’t Make Them Happy

What’s on your dream list?

-A limited-edition Maserati?

-$10 million in the bank?

-A marriage?

-A career at (fill in the blank)?

-A vacation in Tahiti?

There is someone in the world with one or all of these, right now. They achieved it, smiled, and the feeling of accomplishment immediately vanished. It didn’t work.

There is also someone who would give anything to have what you have.

Things like a family (no matter how big, small or dysfunctional), a job (fast food or corporate exec), any type of car, a safe and warm place to sleep, clean water, access to a bath/restroom, and much more.

Take a moment to survey your mind.

Is it hoping for more later?

Is it stuck in the future where more is better and your happiness begins tomorrow?

There is nothing innately wrong with wanting more, wanting better, or wanting the best.

But when it comes at the cost of embracing today, the trade-off is expensive.

Maybe today is enough.


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